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 Message from Superintendent Dr. Allee

July 21, 2023

Dear Parents & Guardians,

I am so excited to join you as we begin another school year! I hope each of you are finding time to relax and enjoy some family time. I anticipate the start of school just as much as the next person. This is the time of year where I walk up and down the school supply aisle trying to decide if I need a new ink pen or mechanical pencil. And the student in me loves to smell Crayola crayons; something about that smell takes me back to my elementary years.

My husband Jason and I live in rural Parke County with my mother in law and our menagerie of animals on our 212 acre farm. We have an assortment of chickens, pigs, donkeys, cats, and dogs. We also have two children and three grandchildren. This year marks my 26th year in education and my 8th year as a superintendent. I have served as a teacher of grades 4, 6-8, and high school English, science, and math while I was a teacher of English language. I have also been an administrator at the elementary, middle, and high school levels in rural, suburban, and small town schools. I love runny noses and sticky high-fives as much as the teenage crazy of middle school and the deep conversations you can have with high school students.

I want to thank you in advance for entrusting our teachers and support with your precious gift, your child, each and every day of their school career. As educators, we take our job very seriously to ensure that your child receives an education to prepare them for the world of work in an environment that is safe and nurturing while providing the appropriate measure of fun and enthusiasm to generate excitement for education.

We are here to serve you and our community. Please let us know if you see an area of need, either personally or within our school and neighborhoods. I know that our district reaches far and wide and that we provide education for a vast majority of Fountain County. It is our goal to be the BEST provider of education, so please let us know how we can make the educational experience better.

Jason and I look forward to meeting you at school and community events. Please feel free to stop and introduce yourself; I will be the new face wearing black and gold or ISU Blue (#gotrees)! I plan to attend back to school events and will see you soon.

Educationally yours,

Nicole L. Allee, Ph.D.

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Covington, IN. 47932
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