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Covington Community School Corporation
 Educational Consultant


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education, Master’s Degree Preferred. 
  • Valid Indiana Special Education Teaching License
  • Experience in teaching students with special needs, writing IEPs, and case conferences. 
  • Good communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Knowledgeable of IDEA, IAC Code – Article 7 and compliance monitoring
  • Ability to make sound decisions in high-stress situations

REPORTS TO: Wabash River Special Services Cooperative Director of Special Education

RESPONSIBILITIES: Educational Consultant – General Roles & Responsibilities

  • Attend all move-ins, re-evals, initials, and high needs ACR’s (serve as the PAR if designated by 

Building Administrator)

  • In the event of conflicts regarding school corporation assignments, compliance dates, teacher 


and/or parent availability, attention should be given to the higher priority/complex cases.

  • Attend Functional Life Skill Cooperative Program ACR’s 
  • Assist with the transfer of IEP’s within IIEP (Request and Accept transfers)
  • Assist in securing HIPPA’s and medical records
  • Attend ACR’s when available or on a rotation basis
  • Support school personnel in gaining parent consents on referrals/requests to evaluate
  • Review referrals for all needed info, support school personnel in obtaining consent
  • Classroom observations
  • Complete Functional Behavioral Assessments 
  • Review finalized IEP’s for conferences attended.
  • Review and assist in Transition Plan Development in IEP’s
  • Review and Assist in Behavior Intervention Plan development in IEP’s 
  • Provide goal writing assistance (as needed)
  • Provide support to STN personnel – DOE/STN state reports, DOE-SE funding
  • Federal & State Compliance monitoring – IIEP, Psychoeducational Evaluation logs (initials & re-


  • Provide assistance to teachers (Brainstorming/Troubleshooting BIP’s, IEP Development)
  • Participate on GEI/Care Teams as available
  • Serve as a resource of Special Education Law & Educational Best Practices.
  • Distribute & collect TOR/TOS class lists utilized for the December 1 & April 1 Special Education 

DOE-SE funding process

  • Serve as a follow-up liaison between WRSSC Data Specialist and School-based personnel
  • Participate in WRSSC professional development activities provided to assigned school 


  • Will participate in professional training programs in order to keep abreast of current 

trends and issues, rules/regulations, research, case law, materials, and information regarding special education issues.

  •       Will perform other duties deemed necessary as directed by the Director of Special     


Job Category: Certified Staff

Job Type: Full Time 190 Day Contract

Job Location: WRSSC

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Allowed Type(s): .pdf, .doc, .docx
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Allowed Type(s): .pdf, .doc, .docx
You can upload upto 4 files, 32 MB per file. Allowed Type(s): .pdf, .doc, .docx
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