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Dr. Kevin Smith

Welcome to Covington Community School Corporation!

It is my honor to welcome you to the “Home of the Trojans”. I am proud to have the opportunity to represent the students, parents, staff, Board of Trustees and the school-community members of CCSC as we provide a laser focus on the growth and development of our children.

Covington Community Schools is committed to providing “Best–of–the–Best” educational programs, which work to meet the needs of the students today, while preparing them for their future of tomorrow. With a caring approach, the stakeholders of our school are further committed to always do what is best for the individual student. This is accomplished by ensuring a rigorous and relevant educational curriculum, built on a foundation of effective and positive relationships. Further, CCSC adheres to the belief that extra-curricular programs should be aligned to provide an extended educational opportunity for our students, including preparing them socially for life after high school.

Within and around Covington Community School Corporation, everything we do is focused on serving the best interests of the individual child. This core value is represented through Four (4) Priorities – of – Focus.

POF 1 – “To Ensure a Laser Focus on Educational Excellence – On Behalf of the Children of Covington Community School Corporation”

POF 2 - “To Ensure Operational Excellence Through a Laser Focus on those Items that Matter the Most”

POF 3 – “To Ensure Effective and Proactive Communication and Collaboration, Engaging the Voice-of-the-Stakeholder”

POF 4 – “To Ensure Proactive and Timely Development Opportunities for Staff and Students”

In order to ensure the best possible educational opportunity for the child it is imperative the school, home, and community work together. With a shared commitment of school-community stakeholders, focused on ensuring the growth and development of the student, we will be able to ensure their preparedness as productive members of our society.

It is my commitment, to the school-community of CCSC, to provide an environment where the “Voice – of – the – Student” and stakeholder is at the forefront of all we do. This will be best accomplished through the utilization of Dr. Covey’s philosophy of “Seek First To Understand, Then To Be Understood”. When it comes to leadership, the heart and soul of Covington Community Schools will be to provide a committed focus on serving the needs of students, parents, and the educational staff.

I welcome and encourage all stakeholders of our school – community to be a part of a special opportunity – that which is focused on positively impacting the lives of our children – by sharing your input with the CCSC educational team. To follow the happenings in and around CCSC join us on Twitter (@ccsctrojans1), Remind, and by monitoring our website. I will also be conducting open office hours and utilizing School Messenger for voice recorded broadcast messages on a periodic basis.

Yours in Education,
Kevin R. Smith, Ed. D
- Superintendent:
Dr. Kevin Smith
- smithk@covington.k12.in.us
(District Office) Phone: 765-793-4451
(District Office) Fax: 765-793-5217

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