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Covington Community School Corporation
 Contract – Superintendent Of Schools

Formal Copy of Contract


On June 19, 2023 at 6:00 pm. The Board of School Trustees of Covington Community school Corporation will meet to discuss a proposed Superintendent contract. A summary of the proposed contract is as follows:
The Board of School Trustees of Covington Community School Corporation offers the following provisions to become a part of the Regular Teacher’s Contract. The assignment shall be: Superintendent of Schools.

  1. For the School year beginning June 30, 2023 and ending June 30, 2026. Each year services shall be performed annually for two hundred sixty (260) days. One hundred eighty-three (183) of those days shall correspond to teacher’s days as scheduled on the school year calendar approved by the Board. There are 13 paid holidays: Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Friday after holiday, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Day, Memorial Day, Good Friday, President’s Day, Wednesday before Fall Break, and Independence Day. All professional, sick, vacation and personal days must be reported to the central office during the payroll period they occur.
  2. A salary of $117,000 shall be paid annually for services rendered, prorated for the 2023-2024 school year. Payments for services will be made in 26 pay periods. Payment shall be made on the standard and normal school pay period. Superintendent shall be given an annual evaluation and shall earn a base salary increase and/or stipend increase commensurate with increases provided to certified employees if the rating is “Effective” or “Highly Effective” and in compliance with the compensation model under IC 20-28-9-1.
  3. The retirement contribution to the Indiana Teacher Retirement Fund shall be paid by the Corporation.
  4. The Corporation shall contribute to a 403(b) tax shelter annuity of the employee’s choice, in the amount of $5,000 per year.
  5. The following corporation sponsored insurance premiums shall be paid as follows:
    a. Medical Health HSA 2, up to $20,000 per year towards a corporation sponsored plan, adjustable to reflect any annual insurance premium rate increase
    b. Group term life and AD&D insurance in the amount of $50,000
    c. Long-term disability insurance
    d. Dental and Vision insurance
  6. Sixteen (16) days of Paid Time Off shall be provided each year. Unused PTO shall accumulate to a maximum of 185 days. Carryover sick days from Superintendent’s prior employment is allowed up to 76.5 days. Upon voluntary separation of employment, Superintendent shall be paid for any unused PTO at a rate of $175 per day. Upon involuntary separation or termination of employment due to violations of school policy, unused PTO shall not be paid
  7. Twenty (20) vacation days shall be provided per year with no accumulation. Vacation days may be used at any time during the contract year so long as it doesn’t adversely affect school operations. School shall pay Superintendent for any unused vacation days up to ten (10) days per year based upon her calculated daily salary per diem. Unused vacation days may be paid into the 403b plan as long as the employer contribution doesn’t exceed the maximum contribution amount. Should the amount exceed the maximum contribution, any balance may be remitted to the Superintendent’s HSA as allowed by law.
  8. The Corporation shall pay the annual dues for membership and fees for professional learning to AASA and other appropriate organizations within the discretion of the Superintendent.
  9. The Corporation agrees to defend and indemnity and hold the Superintendent harmless for all claims, demands, and judgments arising out of the performance of duties within the Superintendent’s scope of employment.
  10. The parties agree that the Contract may be extended pursuant to IC 20-28-8-6. Nothing prohibits the parties from negotiating longer extensions of the contract by written mutual consent.
  11. This contract shall automatically renew on a year to year basis after June 30, 2026 unless either party provides written notice to the other by January 1, 2026 to not extend the contract. Superintendent is obligated to advise the School Board in writing of this automatic extension provision by April 1 of each calendar year starting April 1, 2025.
  12. Superintendent shall be entitled to all the benefits applicable to certified employees as are incident to their employment relationship with the Corporation including, but not limited to, benefits and leaves, any other forms of insurance protection, retirement program, mileage reimbursement, out of pocket expense reimbursement, and other certified employee benefits.
  13. The Corporation will also provide Superintendent with a suitable cell phone, laptop, ipad or other mutually agreeable device, for performing Corporation business. Such laptop/ipad/cell phone will remain the sole property of the Corporation. Also, Corporation shall pay for the benefit of the Superintendent for costs of a plan for the cell phone or similar device for Superintendent to use for Corporation business.
  14. This contract may be terminated as follows:
    a. By written mutual agreement between the parties.
    b. Upon the death of Superintendent.
    c. Upon Superintendent’s inability to perform her duties arising from a continued disability.
    d. This contract may be terminated and Superintendent discharged for any cause under the provision of IC 20-28-8-6 and 20-28-8-7.
    e. This contract may be terminated and Superintendent discharged upon Superintendent’s failure to hold a valid Indiana Supervisor-Superintendent’s certificate.
    f. Superintendent waives all rights under IC 20-28-7.5-1 et seq. relating to dismissal of her teacher contractual rights.
  15. Superintendent shall at all times hold a valid Administration and Supervisor-Superintendent certification issued by the State of Indiana, and Superintendent shall, under the direction of the Board of School Trustees of Corporation, perform all duties and responsibilities as set forth by school board policy of Corporation, including, but not limited to:
    a. Managing the administration of the schools comprising the Corporation and
    delegating authority to administrative staff;
    b. Serving as the Chief Executive Officer and educational leader of the Corporation;
    including representing the Corporation in all dealings with the public, individuals,
    and other organizations;
    c. Directing and assigning tasks of teachers and other employees of the Corporation
    as well as recommending employment for and evaluating those positions under her purview;
    d. Maintaining efficient organization of the administrative, business, instructional,
    and supervisory staff of Corporation;
    e. Suggesting appropriate policies, rules, regulations, and procedures for the
    operation of the Corporation;
    f. Direct the preparation of an annual budget for Corporation’s operation and
    submission of taxing authorities as required;
    g. Negotiating and discussing matters with certificated employees pursuant to laws,
    rules, and regulations;
    h. Attending all meetings of the Board of School Trustees of Corporation, including,
    but not limited to, all executive board meetings. Superintendent shall have a right
    to attend all such meetings except such meetings as may involve the discussion at
    executive board meetings of the employment relationship between Corporation
    and Superintendent;
    i. Performing such other orders, directions, and tasks as assigned by the Board of
    School Trustees of the Corporation;
    j. Assisting the board in the development of Corporation goals;
    k. Direct the application process for grants as may be beneficial to the financial and educational goals of the Corporation;
    l. Supervise and implement evaluations of staff pursuant to IC 20-28 and the requirements of the school’s model evaluation plan;
    m. Performance of the superintendent’s responsibilities at a level of competence required by school policy rules and regulations of IDE, and Indiana law
  16. This addendum supersedes any previously signed agreement. This addendum is governed by the laws of the State of Indiana, and shall be subject to the provisions of any applicable state law concerning the terms and conditions of an employment contract between a public school corporation and its superintendent. If, during the term of this Addendum, any specific clause or provision thereof is determined to be illegal or in conflict with state or federal law, the illegal or conflicting provision shall be deemed void. The remainder of the Addendum shall not be affected and shall remain in full force and affect. This contract contains and supersedes all previous agreements between the parties and no verbal agreements exist between the parties and its provisions cannot be modified except by a written modification thereto executed by both.
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