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Covington Community High School
NOTICE: One Nurse/Health Office supports both the High School & Middle School.
A school nurse is available throughout the day. In all but extreme cases, a classroom teacher or other schoolpersonnel should refer students to the nurse. Please contact our school nurse regarding any specific health concerns.

Student Sent Home (by the school Nurse) Due to Illness:
Occasionally a student’s illness reaches a degree where the Nurse requests the student to return home. Except forspecial circumstances, this is generally limited to those students either vomiting or running a fever. Leaving school,because the nurse sent you home, is ​NOT COUNTED TOWARD THE 9-DAY/CLASS PERIOD LIMIT.

Going Home Due to Illness (NOT being sent home by the school Nurse)​:
Students who become ill and request to go home must first report to the Nurse’s Office; receive parent permission;and sign out in the Office. Students will not be allowed to leave without parent permission, regardless of age.Leaving school due to illness, verified by​​parent is​ COUNTED TOWARD THE 9-DAY/CLASS PERIODLIMIT.

If students require the taking of medication while at school, the following guidelines must be observed:
  1. Themedication must be in a prescribed bottle from the doctor or pharmacist.
  2. The bottle must be labeled with thechild's name and correct dosages.
  3. The prescription must be kept in the nurse’s office.
  4. The school nurse, administrators, or their designees will supervise the taking of the medicine.
  5. A note from the parent mustaccompany the prescription stating the reason for the medication.
  6. The school does not providenon-prescription medications such as Tylenol, Mylanta, cough drops, etc. You may bring in non-prescriptionmedication with a note as to the name of the medication; dose and time medication is to be given. Please include thereason for taking the medication and the note will need a parental signature for dispensing by the school nurse orauthorized individual.
- Nurse:
Marilyn Corey - LPN
- coreym@covington.k12.in.us

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