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Covington Elementary School
Covington Elementary is one of ten schools in Indiana that was awarded the IN-Mac Micro-Grant for $20,000.  We were able to purchase a full Design Studio to incorporate into our computer lab.  Our studio connects education with industry and provides experience as well as exposure to careers in computer programming and manufacturing.  

Within our Design Studio we haveā€¦.

  •  5 Dobot Magician Robotic Arms - students can explore the world of artificial intelligence through robotis, programming, engineering, and logistics.

  •  5 Sindoh 3D printers - students' creations can come to life!

  •  15 Sphero Bolt programmable robots - students can program the most advanced coding robot to date

  •  6 LittleBits Coding kits - allows students to code their own games while developing understanding of design thinking and block based coding.

  •  16 programmable Indi-Cars - students learn pattern recognition, create algorithms, and find solutions for misguided cars 

  •  10 Micro:bits - encourage students to learn circuitry, electronics, and programming 

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Covington Elementary School
1110 7th Street
Covington, IN. 47932
- Phone: 765-793-2254
- Fax: 765-793-5214
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