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Covington Elementary School
Records are kept by the school nurse regarding special health problems. If you have a special health problem such as asthma, diabetes, allergies, etc please inform the teacher, the bus driver, and the school nurse. The school enrollment form provides a place for your parents/guardians to note such information. It is your parents/guardians responsibility to keep this information current.

Vision and hearing screenings are conducted for students in designated grades. Parents are notified if a student may be in need of professional care.

Your parents/guardians should check you frequently for any contagious or transmittable conditions such as head lice, impetigo, pink eye, etc. You may be excluded from school until the condition is treated and noncontagious.

As a school, we are under duty by State Law to report any suspected child abuse or neglect. Such a report is made directly to the Division of Child and Family Services of Fountain Warren County. These agencies handle the investigation directly.

If you take medication while at school, the following guidelines must be observed:

1.) An adult must give all medication to the school nurse or designee. Children should not transport medication.
2.) Medication must be in a prescribed container from the pharmacist or doctor.
3.) The container must be properly labeled.
4.) The prescription must be kept in the nurse’s area.
5.) The school nurse or designee will supervise the taking of medicine.

State law requires that all students must be immunized against diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus, measles, rubella, polio, mumps, varicella, hepatitis B and hepatitis A. Further, State Law states that no child will be permitted to attend school beyond the first day without a written immunization statement.
- Nurse:
Courtney Cadman - RN
- CadmanC@covington.k12.in.us

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