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Covington Elementary School
School Visitation:
Covington Elementary School is open to parents at all times. We will be happy to discuss your child's progress and welfare. Due to busy schedules we do feel it is best to make an appointment in advance. For any school visit, parent/guardians or guests must check into the office before going to the classroom.

All facility entry ways are electronically secured and monitored. Before entering a school building all visitors are required to announce their name and their reason for visiting through an intercom.

"All visitors to public schools in Indiana are required, by law, to report to the main office when they first arrive at the school."

Leaving Messages for Students & Teachers:
Students and teachers are not called to the telephone except in emergency situations. You may call the main office and leave a message that will be relayed to the student or teacher at the end of the day. Please make all after school arrangements in the morning if at all possible.

Good Attendance Is Important:

Be fair to your teacher, to your friends, but most of all, to YOURSELF - arrive at school on time. Each day you are absent it becomes harder to catch up on any work you might have missed.

The Covington Community School Corporation has adopted an attendance policy that limits the number of days/class periods a student may be absent from school each semester. This policy places the responsibility for attending school upon the student and his/her parents.

All students are expected to attend school regularly and to be on time for class in order to benefit from the instructional program and to develop habits of punctuality, self-discipline, and responsibility. A student, who is not regular in attendance, loses interest, tends to feel isolated, and drops out of school. The procedures we follow eliminate chronic absences, yet provide a manner in which a student may miss if there is a need.

Lost & Found:
All articles found in or near the elementary school should be turned in to the main office. Lost articles may be claimed from this office, but they will be disposed of if not claimed within a reasonable length of time. Students should report any loss to the main office as soon as it is discovered. Each student should print in ink his/her name on gym clothes, tennis shoes, and books which are owned by the student. Avoid carrying things of great value to school. If a student must bring something of great value, bring it to the office for safe keeping during the school day.
Office Hours:
8:15am - 2:55pm
Phone: 765-793-2254
Fax: 765-793-5214
- Secretary/Corp Data Admin:
Mitzi Barnes
- barnesm@covington.k12.in.us

- Secretary:
Melanie Harmon
- harmonm@covington.k12.in.us

- School Resource Officer:
Keddy Sowers
- sowersk@covington.k12.in.us
Covington Elementary School
1110 7th Street
Covington, IN. 47932
- Phone: 765-793-2254
- Fax: 765-793-5214
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