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 July 2021 School Board Meeting Information

To: Students, Parents, Staff, and School – Community Members; Media
Fr: Kevin Smith, Superintendent
Re: July 2021 School Board Meeting Information

The Covington Community School Corporation School Board met for a special/working session on
Tuesday, July 6, 2021. The session provided an opportunity for the board to receive input from
those in attendance regarding use of ESSER II/III funds, as well as the plan for school reentry in
the fall.

Prior to the working session, the board hired Travis Brown as athletic director and interim
football coach.

“I am excited for the opportunity Travis has earned to serve as the athletic director,” commented
school superintendent Kevin Smith. “He has participated in our leadership development program
during the past two years, while focusing on the expansion of his personal leadership toolbox.
Coach Brown has served the school – community in a positive and committed manner for a number of
years. It is this commitment that has allowed coach to become a well – respected part of our 1CT

Following the approval of new hires, the board received input from the meeting attendees regarding
possible uses of the ESSER funds. The items placed on a listing for consideration include:
• Applying for textbook fees.
• Ensuring the opportunity for student labs at the high school.
• Staff stipends.
• Staff training.
• Equipment – (Kitchen, etc…).
• Remodeling of student restrooms.
• Addressing student learning loss.
• Expanding internet access for families.
• Creation of outdoor learning areas.
• Expanding field trips for learning opportunities at the high and middle schools.
• Purchase of data management software, to work in conjunction with student learning loss
• Cleaning and sanitizing materials and equipment.
• Continued and expanded focus on social and emotional learning programming.
• Use of a facility cleaning service.
• Remodeling of nursing office (s).

Board president Doug Hunter noted that the list compiled was an excellent one.
“I appreciate the discussion and interaction those in attendance brought this evening,” Hunter

It was also mentioned that additional discussion, brainstorming, will be conducted in the future,
regarding the use of the funds
available to the school corporation.

Regarding the return to school plan, the board reiterated their intent to make the wearing of masks
optional for students and staff. A number of comments from the audience appeared to support this

“The board remains steadfast in that they want to see masks as an optional item next year,” Smith
said. “Further, it is their desire to return to as normal an environment for learning as possible.
This is the focus the building leaders have been planning under since the spring.”

Additional discussion was conducted related to the quarantine guidance for individuals testing
positive for COVID – 19, as well as those who may be exposed during the school year. Comments of
concern were expressed by community members around the possibility of students bullying those who
may choose an opposite option in the areas of being vaccinated for COVID and the wearing of masks.

“The expectations for everyone – students, staff, campus visitors – will always be that we respect
the rights of others to make the choices that they deem most appropriate for their personal needs,”
stated Smith. “Any disrespect, mistreatment, harassment, and / or bullying will not be
During the business portion of the agenda the board:
• Approved the following hires:
o Travis Brown, High School and Middle School Athletic Director
o Travis Brown, Interim (2021) Football Coach
o Brennan Crose, Boys Soccer Coach
o Ollie Pettit, CHS Instructional Aide
The next board meeting is tentatively planned for the last week of July.

Thank you for your support of our children and of the Covington School – Community.

Kevin R. Smith Superintendent

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