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Salvation Army Bell Ringers
The Covington NHS is working with Sarah Wheeler to provide people in our community with an opportunity to help out those who need our help. The link below will take you to the schedule that lists the dates and places bell-ringers for the Salvation Army are needed.

1. Choose the date(s), time(s), and place(s) when you and your family and/or friends can volunteer to help.
2. Email Mrs. Chris Willis at and provide this information.
3. Check back to make sure you are listed correctly on the document.

Remember that all donations stay in our community!
Contact Ringer
Nov 27Wednesday10am-12NCounty Market
Nov 27Wednesday12N-2pmCounty Market
Nov 27Wednesday2-4pmCounty Market
Nov 27Wednesday4-6pmCounty MarketAshley Cadman
Nov 27Wednesday6-8pmCounty MarketAny Thompson and Ashley Henderson
Nov 27Wednesday11-1pmBeef House
Nov 27Wednesday1-3pmBeef House
Nov 27Wednesday4-6pmBeef HouseJohn
Nov 27Wednesday6-8pmBeef House
Nov 29Friday10am-12NCounty Market
Nov 29Friday12N-2pmCounty Market
Nov 29Friday2-4pmCounty Market
Nov 29Friday4-6pmCounty Market
Nov 29Friday6-8pmCounty Market
Nov 29Friday11-1pmBeef House
Nov 29Friday4-6pmBeef HousePatti Brewer
Nov 29Friday1-3pmBeef House
Nov 29Friday6-8pmBeef House
Nov 30Saturday10am-12NCounty MarketEric Stockberger
Nov 30Saturday12N-2pmCounty MarketSteve & Susan Van
Nov 30Saturday2-4pmCounty Market
Nov 30Saturday4-6pmCounty Market
Nov 30Saturday6-8pmCounty Market
Nov 30Saturday12N-2pmBeef House
Nov 30Saturday2-4pmBeef House
Nov 30Saturday4-6pmBeef House
Nov 30Saturday6-8pmBeef House
Dec 1Sunday12N-2pmBeef House
Dec 1Sunday2-4pmBeef House
Dec 1Sunday4-6pmBeef House
Dec 1Sunday6-8pmBeef House
Dec 6Friday10am-12NCounty Market
Dec 6Friday12N-2pmCounty Market
Dec 6Friday2-4pmCounty Market
Dec 6Friday4-6pmCounty Market
Dec 6Friday6-8pmCounty Market
Dec 6Friday11-1pmBeef HouseSteve & Susan Van
Dec 6Friday1-3pmBeef House
Dec 6Friday4-6pmBeef House
Dec 6Friday6-8pmBeef House
Dec 7Saturday10am-12NCounty Market
Dec 7Saturday12N-2pmCounty Market
Dec 7Saturday2-4pmCounty Market
Dec 7Saturday4-6pmCounty Market
Dec 7Saturday6-8pmCounty Market
Dec 7Saturday11-1pmBeef House
Dec 7Saturday1-3pmBeef House
Dec 7Saturday4-6pmBeef House
Dec 7Saturday6-8pmBeef HouseSusan Coffing
Dec 8Sunday12N-2pmBeef House
Dec 8Sunday2-4pmBeef HouseMary Ellen Grubbs
Dec 8Sunday4-6pmBeef House
Dec 8Sunday6-8pmBeef House
Dec 13Friday10am-12NCounty Market
Dec 13Friday12N-2pmCounty Market
Dec 13Friday2-4pmCounty Market
Dec 13Friday4-6pmCounty Market
Dec 13Friday6-8pmCounty Market
Dec 13Friday11-1pmBeef House
Dec 13Friday1-3pmBeef House
Dec 13Friday4-6pmBeef House
Dec 13Friday6-8pmBeef House
Dec 14Saturday10am-12NCounty MarketGoeppner Family
Dec 14Saturday12N-2pmCounty Market
Dec 14Saturday2-4pmCounty Market
Dec 14Saturday4-6pmCounty Market
Dec 14Saturday6-8pmCounty Market
Dec 14Saturday12N-2pmBeef House
Dec 14Saturday2-4pmBeef House
Dec 14Saturday4-6pmBeef House
Dec 14Saturday6-8pmBeef House
Dec 15Sunday11-1pmBeef House
Dec 15Sunday1-3pmBeef House
Dec 15Sunday4-6pmBeef House
Dec 15Sunday6-8pmBeef House
Dec 16Monday11-1pmBeef House
Dec 16Monday1-3pmBeef House
Dec 16Monday4-6pmBeef House
Dec 16Monday6-8pmBeef House
Dec 17Tuesday11-1pmBeef House
Dec 17Tuesday1-3pmBeef House
Dec 17Tuesday4-6pmBeef House
Dec 17Tuesday6-8pmBeef House
Dec 18Wednesday11-1pmBeef House
Dec 18Wednesday1-3pmBeef House
Dec 18Wednesday4-6pmBeef House
Dec 18Wednesday6-8pmBeef House
Dec 19Thursday11-1pmBeef HouseLinda Abbott
Dec 19Thursday1-3pmBeef House
Dec 19Thursday4-6pmBeef House
Dec 19Thursday6-8pmBeef House
Dec 20Friday10am-12NCounty Market
Dec 20Friday12N-2pmCounty Market
Dec 20Friday2-4pmCounty Market
Dec 20Friday4-6pmCounty Market
Dec 20Friday6-8pmCounty Market
Dec 20Friday11-1pmBeef House
Dec 20Friday1-3pmBeef House
Dec 20Friday4-6pmBeef HouseNicki Smith and family
Dec 20Friday6-8pmBeef House
Dec 21Saturday10am-12NCounty Market
Dec 21Saturday12N-2pmCounty Market
Dec 21Saturday2-4pmCounty Market
Dec 21Saturday4-6pmCounty Market
Dec 21Saturday6-8pmCounty Market
Dec 21Saturday12-2pmBeef House
Dec 21Saturday2-4pmBeef House
Dec 21Saturday4-6pmBeef House
Dec 21Saturday6-8pmBeef House
Dec 22Sunday11-1pmBeef House
Dec 22Sunday1-3pmBeef House
Dec 22Sunday4-6pmBeef House
Dec 22Sunday6-8pmBeef House
Dec 23Monday10am-12NCounty Market
Dec 23Monday12N-2pmCounty Market
Dec 23Monday2-4pmCounty Market
Dec 23Monday4-6pmCounty Market
Dec 23Monday6-8pmCounty Market
Dec 23Monday11-1pmBeef House
Dec 23Monday1-3pmBeef House
Dec 23Monday4-6pmBeef House
Dec 23Monday6-8pmBeef House
Dec 24Tuesday10am-12NCounty Market
Dec 24Tuesday12N-2pmCounty Market
Dec 24Tuesday2-4pmCounty Market
Dec 24Tuesday4-6pmCounty Market
Dec 24Tuesday6-8pmCounty Market
Dec 24Tuesday11-1pmBeef House
Dec 24Tuesday1-3pmBeef House
Dec 24Tuesday4-6pmBeef House
Dec 24Tuesday6-8pmBeef House

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