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 2019 State Assessment Results

September 4, 2019

To: Students, Parents, and School – Community Stakeholders
Fr: Kevin Smith, Superintendent

Su: 2019 State Assessment Results

Earlier today the Indiana State Board of Education released the results of the 2019 ILEARN assessment, which followed calls by Governor Eric Holcomb and Superintendent of Public Instruction Jennifer McCormick to “hold harmless” the results, as related to school accountability metrics. The attention being given, in the mentioned manner, was due to the expectation of statewide passing rates being more than 10 percentage points lower than the previous year’s results.

Last year was the first year of the new ILEARN test, with results being compared to the previous year’s statewide assessment, the ISTEP. The ILEARN, which is heavily focused on college and career ready standards, should not be compared as an Apples – to – Apples test, with the ISTEP. Thus, lower scores should not be surprising during the first year of the new assessment.

Within Covington Community School Corporation our educators understand that standardized assessments are merely one metric of many. The diverse opportunities we have, in our classrooms, to grow and develop our students are identified through the talented and passionate instructors our children are blessed to have in front of them each and every day. It is through their love, care, and commitment to provide rigorous and relevant learning opportunities, best aligned with the individual child, that builds successful futures. Through the rigorous lessons administered in the classroom, our teachers are able to execute effective formative assessments, which provide for enhanced learning opportunities for the child.

To truly understand if our children have successful futures in front of them one only needs to get to know them, to develop positive and effective relationships them. When this takes place, it is easy to see the bright light that each owns, with a maturity and selfless focus that is second to none. Oh, by the way, the bright light our students have, has been lit by the hard working, caring, and loving, teachers who are bringing their future success into focus.

I am proud of the work our instructors, our building leaders, and our children are doing. I am confident their efforts are working to create a future that will be filled with success for the child.

And back to those test scores, while our results are lower than those received on the previous year’s outdated test, our students scored higher than the state average in 13 of the 14 grade levels measured. Said another way, CCSC students outscored state average in 92.8% grade level categories. I am proud of these results. I am proud of our students for their achievement. I am proud of every staff member who is dedicating their professional life to growing and developing the most precious gift on earth, our children.

Thank you.

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