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 CCSC: Second Semester Protocol Adjustments

January 4, 2021

To: Staff, Students, Parents, School – Community Members
Fr: Kevin Smith, Superintendent
Su: Second Semester Protocol Adjustments

With the start of the second semester upon us, I would like to take this opportunity to provide information related to the school corporation reentry protocol. Taking into account data, both quantitative and qualitative, collected throughout the first semester, adjustments made to health guidance by the CDC, Indiana State Department of Health, the Fountain/Warren County Health Department, and the input from our school – community, modifications have been made to our protocol.

Rest assured, the changes in our reentry protocol have been made only after conducting a due diligence into the collected data, as well as through much discussion and consideration.

If at any time you would like to discuss an item related to our protocol, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you for the continued support of our children and school – community.

Reentry Protocol Modifications

  1. Student temperature checks will be conducted on a random basis, when entering a school corporation facility, beginning January 6, 2021.
    a. Data collected throughout the first semester, as well as input from the county chief health officer, supports moving from a 100% check to the random review as students enter a school corporation facility.
  2. Staff member temperature and health screens will continue to be conducted daily at the time a facility is entered.
    a. An updated screening checklist has been provided for use.
  3. An editorial change has been made in order to allow for a more efficient flow when reviewing the return to instruction document.
    a. This includes a reference to the first day of the second semester, January 6, 2021.
  4. A reminder has been added for parents who would like to better understand the instructional options offered to our students.
  5. Due to a problem with the IHSAA Return To Play link provided in the document, it has been deleted.
  6. An additional link to the new CDC quarantine release guidance has been placed in the sidebar portion of the document.
  7. Items that are no longer relevant, such as back – to – school planning, have been deleted.
  8. An effort to align the reentry document with the second semester of the school year has been made.
  9. Student assemblies of no greater than 25 individuals are allowed.
    a. Adjustments may be made to this number, subject to the status of the COVID impact to the school, county, and/or region at a given point and time.
  10. Close exposure quarantine release protocol has been modified in accordance with the recent CDC and state department of health guidance.
  11. A process for the utilization of the critical infrastructure worker designation has been identified and inserted into the reentry protocol.
    a. This process will be utilized as deemed appropriate, in particular when the continuation of effective instruction and operations may be at risk.
  12. The food services serving process will be adjusted, where deemed appropriate, for the second semester.
    a. For the high and middle schools, this will mean a return to the regular serving line, with limitations being placed on the self – serve process, during lunch.
    b. The elementary school will continue forward with the serving processes utilized during the first semester due to spacing restrictions.
  13. Additional equipment has been opened for use, during recess, at the elementary school.

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