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Covington Community School Corporation
1:1 Digital Device Program
Covington Community School Corporation is committed to providing all students a balanced and challenging education that includes the use of digital devices. The digital devices used and supported at CCSC are Google Chromebooks.
Chromebooks by GRADE:
High School: Fully 1:1
Middle School: Fully 1:1
- 5th: Fully 1:1
- 4th: 1:1 in the classroom only
- 3rd: 1:1 in the classroom only
- 2nd: Share a cart of touchscreen CB's
- 1st: Share a cart of touchscreen CB's
- K: 6 CB's per classroom
- PreK: 10 iPads
Chromebook Package:
Students in grades 12th-5th will receive:
- Chromebook
- Power Supply
- Carrying bag w/ID tag
(Students are financially responsible for any damages.)
Accident Protection Program:
- Program Summary
Affordable Chromebook damage protection for students/parents.
School Year Pricing:
Student Cost: $20 (F/R: $10)
Deductible Schedule:
- Accidental Damage Claim #1: $0
- Accidental Damage Claim #2: $10
- Accidental Damage Claim #3: $25
- Lost or Stolen Claim: $50
Chromebooks: Basic Information - (Wikipedia: Chromebook)
A good definition of a Chromebook is a device that is part laptop, part cellphone. A Chromebook looks just like a laptop, but runs just like a cellphone. Chromebooks are made by many computer manufacturers so there are a variety of different shapes and sizes. Besides the look of a Chromebook, all of them run the exact same software.

Chromebooks are designed to be used with a wireless Internet connection, but can be used without. A Chromebook is considered "offline" when not connected to the Internet. Covington Schools fully supports certain "offline" modes for students that do not have sufficient Internet access at home. If an "offline" mode is not available, other supportive accommodations will be made.

Chromebooks only install and run apps acquired from the "Web Store". Students are restricted from installing apps, but may request to have an app unblocked if the app is educationally based.
Chromebooks: CCSC 1:1 Digital Device Program
CCSC is proud to provide a state-of-the-art computer infrastructure for its students, faculty, and community. A top priority is placed on guaranteeing uninterrupted classroom instructional time while using Chromebooks. To ensure a high quality of service is met, many programs and services are provided that support CCSC's 1:1 Digital Device Program. Click on the links below for more information about these many programs and services:

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No Internet at Home
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