Harmony3 Family Access - Help

Harmony3 Family Access is a web-based interface that gives parents and students access to their school information. For parents with multiple children, one login provides access to each childs school information. Students only have access to their student information.
Harmony3 includes:
Report Card
Online Registration (Parents Only)
Cafe Account
Textbook Balance
On-line Payment
My Notification Profile
Need help???
If you have trouble creating a Harmony3 account, need an account code, or have other questions, you may call your schools main office or send an email to: karrfaltj@covington.k12.in.us

Creating a Harmony3 account is a one time process. Access to a students information will always be available until a student withdraws or graduates.
How to access Harmony3 - Create an Account
To access Harmony3, an account must be created. Anyone can create an account. Once an account has been created a unique code is required to access student information. (The code is what provides the link to student information.) If a parent has multiple children they will need multiple codes. Students will only get one code. Codes are provided by each school. Simply contact your schools main office if you did not receive a code. For parents that have separate Harmony3 accounts, the same code is used for each student.

Parent and student Harmony3 codes are different. The main difference is parents have access to Online Student Registration.

( - Do not use your 9-digit student ID for your username.)


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