Registration FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

Registration FAQ's
What is Harmony3?
Harmony3 is the name of the computer software CCSC uses for managing student information.

Harmony3 provides "one" account for parents to see all their childrens school information. After a parent creates a Harmony3 account, they will need to "register" each child in their account. Registration codes that are unique to each child are provided. Once a child is successfully registred in a Harmony3 account, a link is provided to view that childs student information.

How do I get my childs Harmony3 Registration Code?
Registration codes are emailed to parents. If you do not have an email account you may visit or call your schools main office.

Do parents and students need to create their own separate Harmony3 accounts?
Yes. Each student will be emailed their own unique registration code to access their student information.

What is the difference between a "student" Harmony3 account and a "parent" Harmony3 account?
Parents will have access to a little bit more information than students - like online registration.

I created a Harmony3 account. Why don't I see any of my childs student information?
Parents and students need to enter a unique registration code before student information is viewable. Registration codes are emailed. If you do not have an email address you can visit or call your schools main office.

Who can take advantage of on-line registration?
Any current student in the Covington Community School Corporation.

What if I am a new student?
New students must fill out required paperwork at each respective schools main office. Once we have entered your child's demographic information you will need to create a Harmony3 account. You can then proceed and complete all forms needed for online registration.

What about schedules?
- Schedules will be available online starting the first day of registration.  They are viewable after logging in to your Harmony3 account. You may also stop by any school office during regular school hours 8am-3pm daily.
- What if I need to make a change to my schedule or have a scheduling question? Please call or visit the respective schools main office or guidance office.

Will I be able to pay on-line?
- Online payments will be available once successfully logged in your Harmony3 account.
- Online payments for the cafeteria are also available for all school buildings.

Where can I get a free/reduced application?
Free/Reduced Applications may be completed through the online registration process, downloaded off our website, or picked up from either the corporation office or respective schools main office.
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