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[ High School Student Handbook ]
Student Handbook
Covington High School Student Handbook.

At the start of each school year all students are issued a calendar/pass book that includes a copy of the Student Handbook.
** Table of Contents **
* School Calendar
* Vision Statement
* Mission Statement
* Equal Education Opportunity
* Accreditation
* School Song
Section I: General Information
-School Day Information
-School Cancellation
-Health Services
-Medical Procedure
-Food Services
-Text Book Rental
-Writing Checks to CHS
-Publication of Student Information
-State Laws
-Sexual Harassment
-Progress Reports
-Lost and Found
-Fire & Disastor Drills
-Work Permits
Section II: Student Behavior
-General Behavior
-Discipline Guidelines
-Weapon Possesion
-Substance Abuse
-Tobacco Use
-Gang Activity
-Dress Guidelines
-Electronic Devices
-Field Trips
-Hall Passes
-Cheating Policy
-Entering/Exiting After Hours
-Leaving School Grounds
-Student Driving/Parking
Section III: Disciplinary Actions
-Friday Evening School
-In School Suspension
-Out of School Suspension
-Student Assistance Program
Section IV: Student Attendance
-Classification of Absences
-Tardy Policy
-Make Up Work Procedures
Section V: Guidance & Academic Information
-Graduation Requirements
-Full Time Student Status
-Change of Address
-Financial Aid
-Grade Level Classification
-Repeating a Class
-Middle School Courses for H.S.
-4.0 Semester Award
-Honor Roll
-Valedictorian and Salutatorian
-Magna Cum Laude
-Marking System
-Honor Jackets
Section VI: Activities and Athletics
-Clubs and Organizations
Section VII: Bus Discipline Policy
-Behavior Guidelines
Section VIII: Drug Testing
-Policy and Procedures
-Drug Search Procedures
Principal's Office
Main Office
Guidance Office
Health Services
Staff Directory -
Academic Departments
Harmony Login
Daily Announcements
Lunch Menu
Corporation Calendar
DOE Informaton (CHS)
* AYP - FAQ's
* PL221 - FAQ's
  CHS Athletics
Student Handbook
Bell Schedule
CHS Yearbook
Clubs & Organizations
Media Center
Covington High School
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