- CHS Gym Floor – Completion

To: CCSC Stakeholders

As we near the completion of our gym floor remodel project, CCSC administration would like to communicate a few changes to our game day experience in the CHS main gym moving forward:

  1. The team benches and scorers table will be moved to the north bleachers, or current “home” side of the gym.
    • Rationale: Each team bench will now be directly adjacent to its designated locker room access. This will better accommodate the needs of both teams, managers, training staff, and mitigate any potential issue with athlete/coach/fan interactions.
  2. The new center-court “CT” logo will face the south bleachers, therefore re-establishing the “home” side of the gym to the south bleachers (previous “visitors” side of gym).
    • Rationale: The south bleachers have a larger seating capacity which will better accommodate the larger home crowd. This will also locate the home crowd across the gym from the team benches, which take up additional fan space. Again, this provides more seating capacity on the side across from the team benches.
  3. The Crazies section will now be directly inside the door in the first section of the south side of the gym (former visiting student section).
    • Rationale: Students will be located on the new “home” side, and also located directly inside the southeast entry to the gym. This will reduce student traffic to and from the student section, and also allow the restriction of the locker room hallway to players and coaches only.
  4. The “visitors” section of the gym will now be behind the visitor’s bench, which will be in the first section of the north bleachers.
  5. Finally, the Pep Band will remain in the same location of the southwest corner of the gym.

We feel these changes, while nontraditional, will better serve the needs or our student-athletes, coaches, training staff, officials, and student section, as well as enhance the overall fan experience for all home events in the CHS main gym. Thank you all for your support of CHS Athletics, and we are excited to reveal the new gym floor design in upcoming days.

Phil Cunningham

Covington Community School Corporation
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Covington, IN. 47932
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