- CHS – Main Gym Floor Project

In keeping with our commitment to ensure effective operational practices, with a focus on providing the children of Covington Community School Corporation with the necessary tools and resources, a remodeling project involving the Covington High School gymnasium floor has been approved by our board of trustees. The project is scheduled to launch on Tuesday, September 4, 2018 and be completed by Friday, September 28, 2018.

The gym floor project will involve sanding down the existing coating and paint scheme. Following this, a new layout will be painted on the floor, with finishing updates occurring. Proper maintenance, such as the project described, allows for an opportunity to extend the life of the floor.

I believe you will find the finished product to be a great sense of pride for the CT family.

During the time of the project, practices, games, and physical education classes will be moved to either our middle school gymnasium or multi-purpose room.

A copy of this document will be placed on the corporation website, along with the new floor design, for viewing during the week of September 4, 2018.

I appreciate your support of children and of our CT family.

Thank you.

Kevin R. Smith

Covington Community School Corporation
601 Market Street
Covington, IN. 47932
Phone: 765-793-4877
Fax: 765-793-5209
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